Frequently Asked Questions

  • It should be issued in your name and match your government-issued identification
  • The proof of address must contain your current residential address
  • The document needs to be sent by a recognized authority and shows their logo, name, and information
  • Your proof of address needs to be clearly dated. Generally, banks will request that the document provided is dated within the last three months, but this rule can differ depending on the bank or the type of document you are submitting.

Proof of address can be one of the following documents: 

  • Water, electricity, gas, telephone, or Internet bill
  • Credit card bill or statement
  • Bank statement
  • Bank reference letter
  • Mortgage statement or contract
  • Letter issued by a public authority (e.g. a courthouse)
  • Company payslip
  • Car or home insurance policy
  • Car registration
  • Authorized change of address form
  • Letter of employment
  • Official letter from an educational institution
  • Municipality bill or government tax letter
  • Lease agreement for your residence

Each bank will have a specific list of documents and rules to validate proof of address.

  • Your ID, Driver's license, and Passport can only be used to verify your identity. Even if it contains your address, it will not be accepted as proof of address.
  • Outdated (issued more than 3 months ago) documents will not be accepted as proof of address.
  • Documents from unknown or dubious organizations are not proof of address.
  • Digitally modified documents or unclear copies of documents may also be rejected.

The following documents can be accepted as proof of address for companies:

  • A copy of a recent utility bill (no older than 3 months) stating your Company Name as well as the exact address provided in the application. (Examples are gas, water, electricity, landline phone, internet, and cable television.
  • A copy of the Extract from the Commercial Registry which includes the Company Name as well as the exact address provided in the application.
  • A copy of a recent bank statement that cannot be older than 3 months with the Company Name and the exact address used in the application.